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Our online race server can handle a huge amount of racers data calculating ranks, speed, distances, time, as accurate and as fast as it could be.
Using our latest technology ROR (Real Online Races) produced by Online Sport Studio You can race with other friends and users allover the world.
No need to be an expert runner to start, Our App covers all races from 50m race, 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon all the way till the ultra marathons (5000 km).
With a zero registration fees you can race with friends across the world or with our professional race buddies to simulate a real challenge.
Audio narration guides you with voice during the race tells you informations about your Distance, Time, Speed, Rank, Next goal and alert you when other races starts.

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Walk Jog Run Cycle Dubai Ver 2.13

Added preview video & Enhance some photos and fonts

Online Marathon Ver 2.01

Introducing Game Center Ranking, Compatibility With More Devices & Enhanced Faster Racing Data Server

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